Everything You Need to Know About Summer Tree Care

summer tree care


Summertime in Texas literally boils down to hot. Older and more established trees are already adapted to the heat and humidity and will not need extensive summer tree care. However, if you don’t take care of younger and newly planted trees, you may need to call for tree removal services. Excessive heat exposure can cause decay, stunted growth, and death of the tree.

There are two vital things you can do for your trees during the summer that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Water Your Trees

Newly planted trees or young trees don’t have extensive root systems as mature trees. It is important you supply the tree with regular deep watering. The rule of thumb is to water your tree for 2 to 3 minutes every 2 to 3 days when the temperatures are above 90 degrees. You need to thoroughly saturate the area directly around the tree trunk.

Species of the tree, location, and soil characteristics will determine the amount and frequency of water. You need to pay close attention to the tree as you water. Reduce the amount of watering if you notice standing water or puddles. Trees in shady spots don’t need as much water as the ones in direct sunlight all day.

Never water a tree daily. Your tree needs to spread its roots downwards for developing a strong and healthy root system. The tree would not need to grow its roots if it gets water at a shallow level. Such trees usually topple over during the many notorious Texas storms. It is best to consider a deep watering practice.

Properly Mulch the Tree

You should ideally mulch the tree when you plant it and then at the turn of every season. The mulch layer should not be thicker than an inch or two. There should be considerable gap between the mulch and the tree trunk. It is best to make a donut shaped ring of mulch around the tree base so that water gets funneled down to the roots.

Mulch is useful during the summers since it retains moisture and keeps the soil and roots of the tree moist. You should not mound mulch around the tree trunk. This will result in rot and decay. It will also create a hiding space for insects that may harm the tree.

Mulch bed is helpful in suppressing weeds and grass that may compete for resources and water. It will also prevent you from taking your lawn mower too close to the tree and accidentally harming the bark. Mulching is a crucial part of summer tree care routine for all species of trees. You can ensure your trees get adequate nourishment and protection by spreading a layer of mulch.

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